Choose the post for your job…

Concrete posts are the way of the future. Only fence it once in a lifetime! Make your next fence a long term asset on your farm.

Intermediate Fence Posts

ACP’s pre-stressed concrete fence posts are made using special materials, methods and manufacturing processes to ensure consistent quality and strength. Being fire resistant, rot and termite resistant, ACP fence concrete posts are a great alternative to traditional intermediate timber and steel fence posts. The concrete post is strong and durable consisting of two pre-stressed reinforcing strands and 40MPA concrete. With pre-made holes for barb wire and plain wire or stock mesh.

  • Manufactured using 40 MPA concrete with two reinforcing strands
  • Manufactured in various widths and hole configurations
  • Wire hole pattern similar to standard steel pickets
  • Shape uniformity makes them easy to install
  • Competitively priced in comparison to timber posts
  • Available in either 130mm or 110mm widths

130mm Wide Fence Posts

Thicker 130mm wide concrete fence posts with pre-drilled holes.

110mm Wide Fence Posts

110mm wide concrete fence posts with pre-drilled holes

Notched Fence Posts

Fence posts with notched sides to attach wire or mesh.

Tall Fence Posts

Tall posts with pre-drilled holes.

End Strainer, Corner and Gate posts

170mm wide concrete strainer posts are used for anywhere you need a heavy duty straining post, just like the old-fashioned timber “rounds”!

Residential Fence Posts

110mm wide concrete fence posts suitable for residential houses and gardens.


Fence it Once, Fence it Right, Never fence it again!