Concrete Posts are used for Commercial, Residential, Pool and Landscaping Fencing in Residential and Suburban Areas.

Residential and Garden Fences

Great fences make great neighbours – use the long lasting fence post to build the fence around your home and garden.

A fence built using concrete fence posts become a long term asset to your property and will save you time and money. Four standard length posts are suitable for any commercial, residential, pool and landscaping and neighbourhood fencing project.

A great long term solution when replacing old rotted timber or rusty steel fence, or when you build a new fence.

Fence your home and garden once in your lifetime with the “No-Rot” Concrete Fence Post! An Australian made and guaranteed Concrete Garden Fence Posts and Bracket system.

  • The integrity of the post will not deteriorate under moist or dry conditions.
  • Strong and driveable using standard post driver.
  • Great for organic gardens. They will not seep harmful chemicals into your soils.
  • Easy to attach timber, metal or rail to the posts ?using our collar brackets.
  • And quick to assemble and bolt together securely.
  • Posts are all uniform in size with premade holes.
  • Replace old rotting timber or rusty steel fence posts easily and quickly

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Perfect for homes and suburban fencing

  • Pool Fencing
  • Security Fencing
  • Neighbourhood fencing
  • Organic Garden Fences
  • Trellis and Orchard support posts
  • Suburban and architectural project
  • Vertical garden support
  • Boundary Fences
  • Animal Enclosures
  • Residential and Housing Estate Fences
  • Retail and Commercial Properties
  • Local authorities and park fencing
  • Replacing existing rotted fence posts
  • Good for high bush fire prone locations

Easy and Versatile to Use…

  • Easy to paint—no undercoat required
  • Attach wire, mesh, timber or metal to posts
  • No issues with moist or irrigation systems
  • Predrilled holes for wire or hanging plants
  • Enough strength to support trellis structures
  • Driveable with post driver
  • Smooth and uniform finish—easy to handle
  • They have great aesthetic appeal


Fence it Once, Fence it Right, Never fence it again!