Easy Strainer End Assemblies

They will not Rot, They will not Burn, They will never be eaten by Termites. Plus the Six-Point Rock Solid Guarantee.

Sturdy fence strainers at the ends or directional changes can be easily assembled using our affordable and patented bracket system. The whole fencing system process has been designed to enable a cost effective and easy assembly of all types of fencing required.

Box End Strainer Assembly

A Box End Straining System is the simplest and most cost effective way to do a strainer with concrete fence posts. 

Read this short article about why the Box End System works and an explanation of the mathematics, and of the ratios that make this a good option for an end brace and assembly for your fence or trellis.

Box End Assembly is a simple and strong system to use to support Trellis row ends.

Adjustable Assembly with Steel Footplate

The Adjustable End Straining Assembly is a great way to create end straining systems. Quickest and most flexible way to build an adjustable stay use the Steel Footplate and Tension Cable.using a Steel Footplate and Tension Cable. Both methods use ACP patented bracket system to make an adjustable quick and easy to build.

Post and Rail Assembly

A Post and Rail fence is easy to build using concrete fence and strainer posts. Use our patented bracket system to quickly and easily build for a feature entrance or boundary fence using posts that will last a lifetime.




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