Answers to all those Questions you have about Concrete Posts
How deep should a concrete fence post be in the ground?

Concrete fence posts are dug or rammed into the ground in the traditional way: by digging a hole or using a post driver. The posts should be buried a minimum of 600mm deep.

The recommended depth for a (FP21) 1800mm or 6 foot high fence is 600mm.

The recommended depth for a (FP01) 1900mm or 6 Foot 4 Inch high fence is 700mm.

The recommended depth for a (FP03 or FP04) 2150mm of 7 Foot fence is 850mm

Do you need to concrete the posts in?

No, you do not have to concrete the prestressed concrete posts into the ground.

You can just dig a hole and backfill against the concrete posts or use a post rammer to install them.

Do you need to drill a pilot hole if you are ramming the posts into the ground?

We recommend you drill a 100m plus pilot hole to install the concrete fence posts. In some areas this is not necessary. It will depend on soil conditions and operator experience.

What is the Concrete Fence Post made from?

The pre-stressed concrete fence posts from Australian Concrete Posts are made from 40mpa + concrete. The same concrete they use to make bridges and railway sleepers.

Will the steel rust and break the concrete fence posts?

No, the steel will not rust and cause the concrete to break. The reason for this is due to two things.

  1. The concrete is so hard it prevents moisture entering and causing the Steel to rust.
  2. The steel that is used is a pre-stressing strand, not mild steel that is normally used in reinforcing. The steel strand has a high carbon content, which helps eliminate rusting.
Why don’t the Australian Concrete Posts rot?

We use a special concrete mix which prevents moisture penetrating to the steel. The steel is also a Low Relaxation Steel which has a high carbon content.

Will the post break if a tractor drives into it?

Yes, the post will chip or crack off at ground level. It is stronger than a metal star picket, however, it will not take the same shock to it as a wooden post.

Are timber or wooden posts better than concrete posts?

Yes, they are if you drive a vehicle into it. However, concrete fence posts do have a longer life span. Concrete fence posts also have the holes premade and ready to start working straight away.

Can you drive the concrete fence posts into the ground using a post driver?

That is what they are made for. All you need is a thick piece of rubber to be placed between the post driver and the top of the concrete post.

Is a Pneumatic Post Driver better than a Drop Hammer post driver?

Yes and No. Depends on the operator and conditions. Pneumatic post drivers are quicker to instal. More expensive and more violent on a Concrete Fence Post. Drop hammers drivers are easier to use, cost less and able to fit on most farm tractors. They don’t require hydraulics.

How far should fence posts be apart?

Seek out your state recommendations as this can change from what is listed below.

In NSW, the Roads and Maritime Service recommend a five-strand fence with the fence posts at 3m intervals and strainers at 90m intervals when the fence adjoins a road.

In Qld the recommended fence be four strand fences with fence posts at 4m intervals when adjoining a road.

Where is Australian Concrete Fence Posts Made?

We manufacture the Concrete Fence Posts in one factory in Dungarubba, NSW in a controlled factory.

How long have Concrete Fence Post been used?

Pre-stressed concrete fence posts where first developed and manufactured in Wagga Wagga, NSW in the 1960’s. The original posts can be seen on the Federal Hwy between Goulburn and Canberra.

How do you build an Australia Concrete Fence Post fence?

Six simple steps to building your concrete fence post fence.

  • Plan and clear your line. After designing your fence on paper, it’s time to build it. …
  • Erect strainer assemblies
  • Lay out your posts
  • Drive in your posts
  • Strain the wire
  • Attach the Wire
What is the best End Assembly for livestock Fencing?

The most efficient and cost-effective strainer assembly used, is the Australian Concrete Posts Box-End Strainer Assembly. It goes together with just one nut and bolt. Like a Meccano set.

What is the oldest Prestressed concrete fence posts?

The oldest Pre-stressed concrete fence posts can be dated back to the 1960’s. They are still visible all over NSW, Canberra, and Victoria. They still can be dug up and reused as if new.

Do you have any questions about our concrete posts?

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