Where and how are they used? There are a many applications… here are just a few!

Rural Fencing

Boundary | Internal Fences | Public Roads | Gates | Feature Entrances

Horses and Equestrian

Horse Fences | Equestrian Yards | Post and Rail

Vineyard and Viticulture Posts

Vineyards Trellis | Viticulture Posts 

Wildlife and Exclusion Fences

Wild Dog Fence | Kangaroo Fence | Emu Fence | Koala Fence | Frog Fence

Sheep and Goat Fencing

Sheep Fences | Goat Enclosures

Trellis and Orchard Support

Orchards Trellis Support Posts | Netting Support Posts | Dragonfruit posts |  Macadamia Trellis | Avocado | Custard Apple Trellis posts

Other Uses for concrete posts

Other Uses for concrete posts

Some other creative and useful places that our concrete posts have been used.

Beef and Dairy Fencing

Beef Cattle | Dairy Cows | Stockyards | Feedlots

Residential and Garden Fences

House and Garden Fences | Pool Fencing | Brushwood Fencing | Picket Fence

Painted Concrete Posts

Painted Concrete Fence Posts 

Share you concrete posts project with us

Email us your project pics of where and how you used our concrte fence posts. email to or text to 0474 774 048 thanks.


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