ACP Strainer Posts are the foundation of our Straining Systems. They’re designed to have super strength and durability, making them ideal to be used as end strainers and support posts.

Uniform in size and shape, easy to install, with pre-drilled holes, and prestressed with four strands of high tensile Rio through them tensioned to 3 ton each strand. Made with our special certified 40MPA mix of “low lime – no rust” concrete.

They have smooth surfaces to lessen impact on your livestock. Made with pre-made holes for gate brackets and wire.
Suitable for orchard netting, stockyards and feedlots as well as orchard netting systems.

  • Holes pre-made to easily attach gate latches and brackets
  • Fire, weather and termite resistant
  • Able to be removed and reused
  • Manufactured in several sizes using 40 MPA concrete with four reinforcing strands.
  • Great for End Strainers, Stockyards, Orchard Support posts, and many other uses where you need a heavy duty lifetime post.


  • 2.15 metre (7 foot) TALL is code SP01
  • 2.4 metre (8 foot) TALL is code SP02
  • 3 metre (10 foot) TALL is code SP04
  • Contact us if you need a 6m Strainer post

End Strainer and Corner Posts


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