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Australian Concrete Posts do not install fence posts, however, we are the preferred supplier and manufacturer for many fencing contractors who build fences every day!

If you need to find a professional to install your rural fence using our concrete fence posts, use the list and map here to find one near your property. These contractors have the experience, the proper tools and equipment and most importantly the know-how!

Below are listed just a few of the fencing contractors who we know use Australian Concrete Posts.

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QLD4850ABERGOWRIEBartolini Contracting0400 119 947Mark Bartolini
QLD4883ATHERTON - QLDSoley Fencing Contracting0429 330 451Joe & Sarah Soley
VIC3342BALLANPremier Fencing - Ballarat0429 681 139Mick Mullane
QLD4352MERINGANDANAngus Trewin0497 027 333Angus Trewin
NSW2446WAUCHOPEHamilton Rural Contracting0459 566 670Luke Hamilton
NSW2454BELLINGENRobert Shearer Fencing0427 877 004Robert Shearer
QLD2535BERRYA and R Contracting0422 282 766Anthony Warr
NSW2483BILLINUDGELClothier Rural Fencing0427 641 881David Clothier
NSW2469BONALBOL & M Williams Fencing Contractors0499 326 942Michael Williams
QLD4275CANUNGRAJohn Geiger Fencing0417 290 652John Geiger
NSW2450COFFS HARBOURPikeys Rural Enterprises0428 582 161Robert Pike
QLD4563COOROYSweets Rural Fencing0403 495 173Based around Gympie
NSW2440CRESCENT HEADTighe Enterprises0428 376 770Gordon Tighe
NSW2420DUNGOGWolf Rural Fencing0481 841 450Wolf Skaste-Zauss
QLD4343GATTONMikton Fencing & Rural Services0402 754 488Mick Walter
NSW2480GEORGICARay Evans Contracting0427 863 453Ray Evans
NSW2460GRAFTONGeoffrey Walker0403 495 173Geoffrey Walker
QLD4570GYMPIELafferty Contract Fencing0407 042 411Gerard andKath Lafferty
QLD4306HAIGSLEABangee Fencing0428 781 445Julie & Stephen Curry
NSW4626HAWKWOOD - NSWWinfield Fencing0427 038 475David Winfield
NSW4872HERBERTONShaws Rural Contracting07 4094 8232Lachlan Shaw
QLD4574KENILWORTH - QLDB Wright Enterprises0438 648 488Ivan Wright
QLD4515KILCOYBarr Contracting0405 429 962KB Barr
QLD4610KINGAROYGRC Plantation Services0427 794 894Gordon Coward
NSW2474KYOGLEMatt Brown0428 664 241Matt Brown
NSW2480LISMORE - NSWDoman Fencing0447 074 376Mark & Amy Doman
NSW2480LISMORE - NSWYoungberry Fencing & Farm Services0402 126 924Terry Youngberry
NSW2447MACKSVILLEClinton Fencing0408 156 162Clinton Cole
NSW2463MACLEANSunline Fencing0401 431 760Dave Harrison
QLD4885MALANDALawrence Stonehouse0409 890 950Lawrence Stonehouse Contracting
QLD4650MARYBOROUGHHowlos Rural Contractors0458 901 152James Howlett
NSW2423MAYERS FLATIron Hide Enterprises Pty Ltd0414 876 704Jamon Foster
NSW2480MCKEES HILLBill Ward Fencing Contractor0400 746 637Bill Ward
QLD4886MILLAA MILLAASelwyn Bimrose Contracting0427 644 489Selwyn Bimrose
VIC3041MULGRAVESuper Gardens03 9561 2333Enrico Kunze
QLD2644MULLENGANDRAShingleback Environmental Project Services0410 597 929Andrew Kilby
NSW2482MULLUMBIMBYPeter McDonald Fencing0415 838 979Peter McDonald
QLD4650MUNGARGrazing Pines Contracting0428 595 887Andrew Cronau
NSW2484MURWILLUMBAHMacs Fencing0412 900 367Chris MacDonald
NSW2448NAMBUCCA HEADSBrad Sheather Rural Property Maintenance0401 170 137Brad Sheather
NSW2750PENRITHNorthern Fencing0413 446 967Bobby Gerrard
NSW2444PORT MACQUARIEArngil Fencing0408 696 191Michael Arngil
QLD4888RAVENSHOEMichael Edwards Fencing07 4097 8283Mike & Glenda Edwards
QLD4307SILVERDALE - QLDBakers Fencing0408 196 484Gavin & Bev Baker
QLD2461SOUTH GRAFTONAndrew Jabour0427 426 027Andrew Jabour
NSW2462SWAN CREEK - NSWSunline Fencing- Dave Harrison0401 431 760Dave Harrison
QLD4343TENTHILLDarryl Taylor Fencing0417 707 179Darryl Taylor
NSW2478TINTENBARJoe Hill Fencing0433 681 611Joe Hill
NSW2421VACYScott Gardner Contracting0417 441 676Scott Gardner
QLD4285VERESDALECTS Rural Fencing0428 315 610Cameron Summerville
QLD4285VERESDALESharpe Fencing & Contracting0428 192 333Dan Sharpe
QLD4370WARWICK - QLDMajeca Contractors0428 316 510Glen Moffatt
NSW2446WAUCHOPE & PORT MACQUARIENowlan Fencing0407 342 279Justin Nowland
NSW2472WOODBURN - NSWNathan OConnor0466 334 724Nathan O'Connor
QLD4514WOODFORD - QLDJohn Brannigan0427 772 474John Brannigan
NSW2480WYRALLAHRamsay Rural Fencing0447 788 055Dave Ramsay
NSW4614YARRAMANAndrew Gillies0439 869 254Andrew Gillies
QLD4309FRAZERVIEWCane Rural Contractors0411 711 336Andy
QLD4885MALANDALocal Bloke Fencing & Services0498 067 771Joey Johnson
NSW2470LEEVILLESullivan Contract Fencing0459 611 978Bernie Sullivan
QLD4372TANNYMORELJames Wright Fencing0428 756 690James Wright
NSW2477ROUSBC Rural Contracting0409 669 802Bailey Crawford

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