FP21 – 1.9m (6.4ft) Notched Concrete Fence Post

FP22 is the narrower (110mm) 4 barb concrete fence post. Hole spacing made to specs given to us by farmers in central Queensland.

  • This is our cheapest post! FP21 is the pre-notched edge concrete fence post 1900mm (6.4ft) height x 110mm wide
    • Code: FP21
    • Length: 1900mm (6.4ft)
    • Notches: Spaced to matches Waratah Star Picket
    • Dimensions: 110 x 70/55 x 1900mm
    • Weight: 30kg each post.
    • Pack: 30 posts/ pack weight 870kg
    • Made with vibrated and cured 40 MPA concrete
    • Prestressed using 2 x 5.05mm high tensile reinforcing strands
    • Great for replacing or supporting broken or falling down fences
    • Use notches to secure and tie on mesh or wire

FP21 – 1900mm (6.4ft) x 110mm Concrete Fence Post with pre notched edge.

Weight 30 kg each
Dimensions 1900 x 110 x 70 mm


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