In country where the soils eat straight through the toughest steel and hardiest timber posts it’s hard to imagine a fence post that will never need replacing in a farmer’s lifetime, until now!

Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd are Australia’s largest manufacturer of prestressed concrete fence posts. Their posts have a lifetime guarantee against rot, termites and fire, and are cheaper overall than traditional timber or steel picket fence posts due to their long-life span.

The prestressed concrete fence post made by Australian Concrete Posts [ACP] is designed for tough conditions and are driveable with a standard post driver.

[ACP’s prestressed concrete fence posts are the biggest and strongest on the market, 18% bigger and with 18% more concrete than other posts currently manufactured. The special materials, methods and manufacturing process employed by [[ACP]] ensure a consistent quality and strength.

[ACP] use a consistent and certified mix of concrete which is vibrated and contains a high ratio of evenly distributed strong blue metal stone. Plus there is no lime in the concrete, therefore, no rusting of the wire strands.

Prestressing is a technology that’s used to build massive civil structures, like bridges and bridge pylons which can be seen being rammed into the earth on new roadworks. Essentially, high tensile strands of wire are pretensioned under several tonnes of stress. When the concrete is set in the mould, the tension is released from the strands, compression pulls the concrete together to form a very strong and impenetrable post.

For the property owner and fencing contractors, no time is wasted measuring and drilling holes, or maintaining equipment. Our fence posts are uniform and consistent in size and shape and holes are pre-drilled to suit four or five barb wires.

The whole fencing process has been designed to be like a Meccano set – hit it in a bolt it together. Generally, no replacement of posts will be required.

Percussion drivers, pneumatic drivers and standard thumper are all able to be used to drive the concrete fence post.

Most issues that arise during installation are due to the way posts are handled. A simple adjustment of standard fencing tools or method used will ensure a quick and easy installation. A phone call to the concrete fence posts experts at Australian Concrete Posts head office will usually lay any issues to rest.

[ACP] recommend that a thick rubber material be used to cushion the direct impact on top of the post when driving them in. [ACP] have developed a driving cap to be placed on top of the post before ramming.

Concrete fence posts are affordable and save property owners valuable time and money. They will outlast any other timber or steel post on the market. With a concrete fence post your fence will become a farm asset!

For your new or replacement fences, consider the affordable sustainable and long-term solution. Fence it once, fence it right, never fence it again with Australian Concrete Posts!

Ask your local Reseller or Rural Store and contact us for more information.