When it comes to fencing in Australia, nothing beats the reliability and longevity of Australian Concrete Posts. As the nation’s largest manufacturer of prestressed concrete fence posts, we pride ourselves on delivering products that stand the test of time. Our posts come with a lifetime guarantee, offering you peace of mind and excellent value for money. But our expertise doesn’t end with just fence posts. We also offer a range of strainer assemblies designed to make your fencing projects even more robust and secure. In this article, we’ll explore the different strainer assemblies we offer, their uses, and why they’re an essential part of any fencing system.

What are Strainer Assemblies?

Strainer Assemblies or “end” assemblies are crucial for any fence line. They are the foundation structures that provide the necessary support for the entire fence. A strong strainer assembly will help maintain tension on fence wires, prevent strain on fence posts, add strength, and keep a fence looking good, long term, ensuring that your fence remains taut and sturdy. They are typically positioned at any point of tension along a fence, like a change of direction or the end of a line, and at each side of a gate opening.

Without a proper Strainer Assembly, your fence will sag or even collapse over time. A strong end stay (or brace) and straining assembly system is not new, but by using the correct ratio’s, good quality and long-lasting components and posts, your fence will last a lifetime.

Types of Strainer Assemblies

Typically, a fence Stainer Assembly is made up of the posts, a Strainer post, the brace and the components that connect and secure them together. They should be durable and versatile. There are hundreds of variations and scenarios historically used by different fencers, farmers, and purposes based on conditions and potential impacts to the fence.

Australian Concrete Post’s [ACP} have simplified the many variations of end assemblies on the market into two simple structures – the Box End Assembly (H Brace) and the Adjustable Stay Assembly (with a diagonal stay brace).

Both these systems incorporate the patented brackets that ensure your stay brace and parts maintain a secure and strong connection to the strainer post.

Box End Assemblies

Probably the most common bracing design is the H-Brace or “Box End Assembly”, which involves placing a horizontal cross-brace between the Strainer Post and the next post in the fence line. The Box End Assembly is one and half times stronger than a diagonal bracing system, it’s strength coming from the right triangle created between the assembly components. The End or Strainer Post and the Stay make up two sides of the triangle and form its right angle. The diagonal brace wire forms the triangle’s opposite side. A Box End Straining System is the simplest and most cost-effective way to complete a strainer with concrete fence posts.

Adjustable Stay Strainer Assembly

This is a quick, and versatile straining system using a Galvanised Steel Footplate and Tension Cable attached to the Concrete Strainer Post using our patented Brackets. This type of Assembly System is effective in unstable and uneven terrain and is fully adjustable. They are re-usable and easy to re-tension the cable, making it strong, and reliable over the test of time.

Every Which Way

By using either of the ACP Assembly systems it becomes quite simple to support a fence in several directions. One-way, like at the end of a fence line, on a gate opening, and Two-way, for example on a corner or change of direction, or at a high or low point in the fence line. A Three-way junction is a T-Junction where you are supporting a fence that goes in three or more directions.
All ACP Assembly Kits can be ordered as 1 Way, 2 Way, or 3 Way kits, alternatively, you can use the Assembly Parts Calculator to explore or order individual components for yourself.

Strainer Assembly Kits

Endeavouring to keep things simple, ACP has created Strainer End Assembly Kits which are a quick and easy way to select and order your Strainer Assemblies. They contain the components required to build both Box End and Adjustable Assemblies. Once you’ve chosen your concrete posts simply select the kits which include ACP patented brackets, footplates, tension cables and long or short galvanised stay rail as required.

(NB*The concrete posts are not included in the “Kits”, however, the components will fit any of the relevant ACP concrete posts you’ve selected for your fence)

Why Choose Australian Concrete Posts Strainer Assemblies?

At Australian Concrete Posts, we understand the harsh conditions that fences in Australia must endure. Our strainer assemblies, like our fence posts, are built to withstand the elements. They won’t burn, rot, or be eaten by termites, and they’ve been proven to stand strong against the extremes of environmental impacts and events. Choosing ACP strainer assemblies means choosing durable strong and long-term reliability that will bring you peace of mind.

In future articles we will explore in more detail the brackets and their benefits and variations, meanwhile, our friendly team is always available to assist with any questions you may have choosing your fence design and components or check out more details here: concreteposts.com.au/strainer-systems/