Australian farmers and graziers know the importance of strong exclusion fences and fence lines. As an essential component to sound farm management they need to rely on strong, durable components that won’t break.

Yet many are still battling the PITA (pain in the arse) tumbleweed roly poly that’s choking up their exclusion fences and fence lines with large clumps of the roly poly weed pushing these fences flat.

Traditionally steel picket posts have been used to erect vast stretches of fence line for large farms and stations across Australia. For many people on the land, these systems just aren’t holding up like against the pressure of roly poly accumulation.

The idea of switching to a stronger and more durable post like concrete fence posts is a good start.

They are durable, will not rot, rust, burn, or get munched on by termites but rather provide your fences and exclusion fences with additional weighted strength against roly poly bundles over traditional steel picket posts and timber. They can be made up to 3m in length which means you can have more post in the ground.

Steel picket posts are just not holding up against the weight of the roly polys accumulating against them. They push the fences over and the fence becomes redundant! A heavier sturdier concrete posts would hold up against the tumbleweed much better.


Craig Baker

CEO , Australian Concrete Posts

Australian Concrete Posts are 18% larger and stronger than any competitors. With 40 MPA concrete that is twice as strong as normal house slab concrete, these posts will stand the pressures of the harsh Aussie climate.

The concrete used in these posts has consistent sized blue metal stone which is evenly spaced through vibration during the production process. Each fence post has two strands of 5.05mm high-carbon, high tensile in the concrete that are tensioned to produce a durable, strong, prestressed concrete post that will stand rock-solid to help keep your fences upright.

Choose to install Australian Concrete Posts for long lasting, low maintenance wildlife and feral animal barrier fences. With pre-drilled holes you can easily attach skirts, mesh or wire to the concrete fence posts.

Accompanied with a lifetime guarantee plus the Six-Point Rock Solid Guarantee Australian Concrete Posts have all your fencing needs covered.

Fence it Once, Fence it Right, never fence it again with Australian Concrete Posts!