Scone Concrete Fence Posts

Prestressed concrete Intermediate and Strainer Posts made to last a lifetime.

Scone Concrete Fence Posts is a business and business name that is owned and operated by industry leaders Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd. 

Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd have been manufacturing prestressed concrete posts since 2013, We have grown and become the biggest manufacturer of prestressed quality concrete fence posts in Australia. ACP supply through out Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. ACP sell direct to property owners and also to a vast array of rural stores, fencing contractors and resellers.

Scone Concrete Fence Posts are made by Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd. We have taken the experience of companies who have made concrete fence posts for over 60 years and made the process more efficient and the posts stronger. 

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A fence is usually one of the biggest investments most property owners have to ensure safety of their livestock and security for their property. Make the right choice, choose the quality post made by Australian Concrete Posts for your “once-in-a-lifetime” fence.

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