Rural strong fence posts that are cheaper than wood, they last longer and are in reliable supply – Win-Win!

Nobody loves fencing! That’s a fact! And fencing is a task that no bugger wants to do more than once in his lifetime! That’s why two businessmen, Richard and Alan, decided to put their heads together to come up with a winner! Fast forward nine years and everyone, including the environment is winning! 

It’s all because of the way they do business and make their products with the attitude of “Do it once, do it right” and “Keep It Simple” ideology. 

Australian Concrete Posts (ACP) is a small, rural and family-owned business that have been making concrete fence posts and assembly systems for years. Their products are all Australian made, manufactured to strict quality controls, strength tested, and engineer certified. One of the secrets to their success has been their patented bracketing system for straining assemblies. 

The factory produces a consistent supply for Transport and Main Roads projects like the M1 Pacific Highway Upgrade, National Parks and State Forestry, as well as countless fencing contractors, farmers, and land managers. 

Australian Concrete Posts’, like their hard-working down-to-earth customers, appreciate upfront, no-bull customer service and pride themselves on their loyal rural strong customer base. 

“As our customers replace their rotten, burnt, termite-eaten timber or rusted steel pickets, they all come back for more concrete posts, and they tell their neighbours. They are survivors! Our products need to work harder than our customers do and survive, droughts, fires, floods, and now a pandemic.”  

ACP products are tried and tested across Australia. With the factory in northern NSW that consistently, manufactures over 5,000 posts a week, their strategic location and logistics network make it easy to supply Western QLD up onto the tablelands, as far north to tip of the state, and as far south into Tasmania. 

ACP’s catch cry is “Fence it once, fence it right, never fence it again!” 

Like other infrastructure, fences should be an asset to a property not a liability. That is what we deliver. With renewed restrictions imposed to logging operations, changes in the quality of steel for pickets, the benefits of concrete, plus the affordability of them is becoming well known. 

“Some of our customers can’t get a quality timber post under $17 to $21 a post, then they still have to drill holes. A wooden or steel post will need replacing after a decade or so. Choosing a concrete post with an estimated lifespan of 80 to 100 years, it becomes an investment, at around only $14 to $15, with holes all predrilled ready to drive in with a post rammer! It’s a no-brainer!” 

ACP posts will be there for generations and will not continue to cost the land manager precious time and money. 

The ACP prestressed concrete post can be driven in the ground with a standard post driver. The end assembly patented bracket system is designed to be like a Meccano set, simply hit it in and bolt it together. No time is wasted measuring and drilling holes or maintaining equipment. ACP fence posts are uniform and consistent in size and shape with holes to suit four or five barb wires. They even have extra holes to easily attach mesh! 

Concrete posts are not just cement poured into a mould. Prestressing is a technology that’s used to build massive civil structures, like bridge girders and rail sleepers. Essentially, high tensile strands of wire are pretensioned under several tonnes of pressure. When the concrete is set in the mould, the tension is released from the strands, compression pulls the concrete together, this is what gives the post its’s strength and makes it impenetrable. 

ACP use a consistent and certified mix of concrete which is vibrated and contains a high ratio of evenly distributed strong blue metal stone. Plus, there is no lime in the concrete, therefore, will not encourage rust. 

ACP quality assurance and manufacturing systems ensure that every post is batch tracked. Richard and Alan, know their products, they won’t give false promises, the posts are not indestructible, but they offer a lifetime guarantee – the posts will not rot, not burn and are termite proof. 

“As a small company we’re able to quickly respond to feedback and make changes immediately if any issues arise. It’s always a privilege to meet and do business with rural families. It’s been the best part of our business, and in the long run we know it’s a winner for them, as well as their grandchildren. That’s a good feeling, when you make something that helps hard working people.” 

Australian Concrete Posts are environmentally friendly. No trees or native habitat are destroyed to make concrete fence posts and no harsh chemicals will leach into the ground or waterways. 

Before planning your next fencing job, come see the post’s for yourself at Beef Australia in Rockhampton, or Farmfest at Toowoomba, Primex at Casino or just get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable team at Australian Concrete Posts.