Reseller Welcome Area - **DO NOT SHARE THIS PAGE**

As a wholesale stockist and reseller of our products you can use this page for resources and helpful tips

Hello and Welcome to the ACP Reseller Area.

We are a small company, however we’re big on customer service, we make quality products and are proud to have you on our network of friendly and helpful resellers. Thank you for supporting our business.

Use this website to assist you and your clients to make the right choice for their fence design.

If there is something you cant find or need help please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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Most questions about our products can be answered by you or your clients by visiting the website: Use the website as a tool to help sell the products and find solutions for your clients.


When designing a fence, its often a challenge to know what parts you’ll need and how many. To make this process easier, we’ve developed a simple Excel Spreadsheet that can be downloaded and used to work out how many parts you need.


We can always help you with marketing graphics if you want to send info to your clients about being a stockist of ACP posts and products. See below for a sample of a leaflet that can be emailed to clients – we can custom brand it to your store logo and contact details:


As always, if there is any way we can assist you to promote the concrete fence posts in your retail outlets please let us know.


If you have a Facebook or Instagram page – send me the links so I can connect and share on our page and hopefully you will reciprocate with the same. If you’re familiar with social marketing you know that the hashtag is powerful we use #concretefeceposts or #australianconcreteposts – send us your hashtags and we can use them in our marketing too.


Nothing compares to a picture to help explain something, and we find that in the case of a “bland” looking concrete fence post, nothing could be truer! If you have any pics of your store, or any of our products in the ground, send us the pics, we will share them and add to our fence gallery.


If you produce any newsletters or do monthly statement or newsletter mail outs to your clients, we can supply you with leaflets to insert into the statement mailout, or we can also supply copywriting and pictures to make stores of interest for your clients.

  • In years past we have attended and promoted our products by attending significant field days and regional agricultural shows and field days.  2019 we plan to do the same. Click this link to go to our events page.
  • If your store is close to one of these events, please drop in to our display with some of your business cards so we can send the farmers your way to buy the posts!
  • It’s always terrific to get to meet the folk that are at the front line dealing with the property owners.
  • We find that nothing beats a face-to-face interaction with the clients to build trust and to clinch the deal, especially that fencing is such a significant investment with property owners.



We can build graphics to promote concrete posts for your social media pages with your store details on the posts.. Ask Suzi about creating your some social media graphics.

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