What the Government fund means to you…

If the fencing on your property was affected by the 2019/2020 bushfire crisis you could be eligible to receive up to $5,000 per kilometre to contribute towards the replacement of damaged fencing that adjoin public lands.

If you’ve already spent the money to replace your fences and your fences are eligible, you can claim to have that cost reimbursed.

The NSW Government has just announced this grant package with funds of $209 million to help landholders that sustained damage to their fencing in the Northern and Southern fires in late 2019 and early 2020. The purpose of the fund is to replace damaged fencing where a boundary is shared with public lands.

These includes properties that have boundaries adjoining:

  • National parks
  • Forestry Corporation land
  • Travelling stock reserves
  • Crown reserves, tenured roads and leases
  • Roads managed by Roads and Maritime Services or Local Government.

Australian Concrete Fence Posts are here to help

We can assist you select the best fence type for your property. Replace your burnt fences with concrete posts and you won’t have to worry about replacing again.

Australian Concrete Posts (ACP) are prestressed concrete posts made in Australia to withstand our country’s tough conditions. ACP posts are lifetime guaranteed – they will not burn, will not rot, and they will never be eaten by termites. A wise alternative to timber or steel picket and posts.

Under the NSW grant you can purchase and install the fences yourself or use the funds to contribute towards purchasing materials and labour from a licensed fencing contractor. You can apply for this funding if you’ve already replaced your burnt fence, or if you still planning to.

Australian Concrete Posts (ACP) can also put you in touch with trustworthy contractors should you choose to hire someone to install your new fence. Australian Concrete Posts (ACP) can arrange delivery to your property anywhere in Australia.

Let our friendly team walk you through the process.

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