Box End Strainer Kit with Short Stays for a Three Way Directions / T-Junction

Code: SA.BS.3W


  • This kit contains the brackets and components to build a three way Box End Straining Assembly with Short Stay Pipe (2150mm), plus the end positioning pin at no extra cost.
  • This kits does not include the concrete fence and strainer posts.
  • This Kit includes the following items:
    • BK170.RND X 1 – Strainer Post Bracket Set (Round)
    • BK130.RND X 3 – 130mm Wide Fence Post Bracket Set (Round)
    • BK000.RND X 2 – Single Support Bracket Set (Round)
    • AC01 X 3 – 2150mm Galvanised Stay Pipe (50NB)
    • AC07 x 1 – 200mm End Positioning Pin


For straining the fence line in 3 directions at a T-Junction.

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