Adjustable Cable Stay with Steel Footplate Two Way, Corner or change in direction

Code: SA.AS.2W


  • This kit contains the brackets and components to build a two way / corner / Or Direction change Adjustable Straining Assembly using Steel Footplates and Tension Cables and Long Stay Pipes.
  • This kits does not include the concrete fence and strainer posts.
  • This Kit includes the following items:
    • BK170.RND X 1 – Strainer Post Bracket Set (Round)
    • BK000.RND X 1 – Single Support Brakcet Set (Round)
    • AC02 X 2 – 3250mm Long Galvanised Stay Pipe (50NB)
    • AC10 x 2 – Steel Tensioning Cable
    • AC11 x 2 – Steel Footplate


A lightweight alternative and most flexible way to build an adjustable stay use the Steel Footplate and Tension Cable.

The Steel Footplate (AC11) holds stay rail (AC02) in position and connects to Strainer Post with a flexible Steel Tensioning Cable (AC10) that has a loop that easily slips over the strainer post.

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