Recommended method for pulling wire through the concrete fence posts

  1. Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd (ACP) recommend pulling one wire strand at a time. 
  2. When pulling the wire through the holes we recommend you brace the first fence post to help keep it stable. 
  3. Set up truck and wire roll inline with the posts
  4. Ensure the wire roll is level with the hole you are pulling the wire through. 
  5. Setup wire roll inline with the fence posts.
  6. Ensure the wire reel is secured to the vehicle
  7. Pull the wire through at a gentle and even pace. This will eliminate the wire whipping or becoming stuck. 
  8. When pulling MORE than one strand at a time, (not recommended) ensure the wire coils unravel in the same direction helping to eliminate them getting tangled. 
  9. Twist a fold the together gently on itself staggering the position of the barb.
  10. When preparing the folded wire to pull through the posts ensure that the barb positions are staggered so that you’re not pulling two strands through at once. Choose a position after the barb to fold the wire to avoid double barb coming through in one spot.
  11. It is reasonably clean fold and you should be able to pull the rest of them through. on the video watch Bill pull about 100m of wire, which is about as much as you should pull in one run



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