We recommend making a pilot hole

Make a pilot hole before driving the concrete fence posts

By making a pilot hole will save you more work in the long run, it will determine the location of the post in the fence line and identify if there are any rocks or tree roots under the ground that your concrete fence post will not drive through.

What size augur do i use for concrete fence posts?
For our 130x70mm wide intermediate concrete fence post we recommend using a 3-4 inch augur and for the 170x135mm wide straining posts we recommend using a 6 inch augur.

If there are any tree roots in the way you will need to saw through them to make way for the post, or change position of the post to avoid the roots. If you hit rock, you will need to dislodge the rocks with a digging bar or change position of the post to accommodate the rocks. Alternatively, if you hit a rock shelf, you can cut the bottoms of the post with a masonry blade on an angle grinder.

Watch our cutting post video for hints on how to do this job. 


  1. Drill a pilot hole about 80 to 100 mm to the depth you require the post to be placed into the ground 
  2. Ensure the pilot hole is vertical. 
  3. In drought conditions wet the post or the ground with about a litre of water. (Old fencers trick to make the concrete post slide into the ground easier). 
  4. Place the driving cap with the appropriate rubber over the post to prevent the metal driver hitting the post. 
  5. Gently tap the post into the ground using small strokes of the driving hammer. 



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