Concrete posts can be cut to desired length using a masonary disc on an 5 inch angle grinder.

ACP manufacture various length posts to suit many situations. However, sometimes it is necessary to cut the length of the posts to fit in with tree roots or obstructions in the ground on a fence line.

The posts can be cut using an angle grinder with a masonary disc. This is a tough job and requires great skill and experience using correct tools and equipment. DO not attempt to do this unless you have been trained to use the tools and are competent to do so.

  • Use and wear all relevant safety protective equipment and prepare suitable workplace.
  • Do not operate tools or machinery that you are not competent and trained to use.
  • Concrete posts are made from very hard 40 MPA concrete mix and the posts contain 2 strands of high tensile steel strands.  A masonary grade disc on a five inch angle grinder is recommended tool to use to cut through the concrete fence posts. 
  • Secure the post to a suitable work platform before you cut them using the grinder. 
  • Measure out the finished length onto the post.
  • Mark this length on all four sides of the post.
  • Be sure to cut the length from the bottom part of the post (this can be identified from where there are no predrilled holes section of the post.
  • Cut with your grinder along your marked line. Cut one side at a time and be sure to Stop the grinder when you rotate the post. 
  • Rotate and repeat till it was cut through all four sides.
  • Watch the video that demonstrates the method and technique used by ACP factory to cut posts.

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