End Assembly Components Calculator

Use this excel spreadsheet to easily and quickly work out how many and which components you will need for your fence design and end assemblies.

To use this calculator you will need to gather these bits of information first.

  1. Decide what type of end assembly are you using?
    a) Either a Box End Assembly (sometimes referred to as a H-Brace assembly.
    b) Or an Adjustable End Assembly (with stay running diagonally into the ground or into a concrete stay pad, or often the stay in concreted into the ground.
  2. How many of the ends are a one way. eg. end of a line, each side of a gate opening, two way (in-line) or corner? 
  3. Do you have any gates that need to attach to the posts – ? how many? that’s how many gate kits you will need.
  4. Put those numbers into the spreadsheet and it will calculate the numbers and codes of what you need to order. print out your spreadsheet and email your rural store or our head office to work out your quote from.

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