Triangular Bracket Set to make your concrete fence taller – BK.TRI

The Post Bracket Set (Triangular) is designed to attach a star picket onto the concrete fence or strainer post.


  • Patented design to fit Australian Concrete Posts
  • Quick and easy to assemble, no special tools or equipment required!
  • Makes a strong and long lasting fencing system
  • Brackets are made with 3mm hot dipped galvanised steel
  • TRI bracket is designed to fit a standard star picket


Use this bracket with a standard steel star picket, to add height to your concrete fence post. Originally designed to hold a star picket in a flood channel or gully that will hinge and lift when flood waters run through it, or can be used to add height to a normal fence for example for wild or feral animals.


Choose the right bracket to fit your post size.

BK110.TRI 110mm Post Bracket Set (Triangular) – (FP21, FP22, FP23, FP24, FP25, FP26)
BK130.TRI 130mm Post Bracket Set (Triangular) – (FP01, FP03, FP04)
BK170.TRI 170mm Strainer Post Bracket Set (Triangular) – (SP01, SP02, SP04)
BK000.TRI Single Bracket Set (Triangular) makes a 2 way bracket set configuration
BK000.CAB Connector Angle Bracket w Hex & Cup head nuts and bolts

Refer to the ACP Codes Explained 

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