Top Rail Fixer Bracket – BK.TOP

Use the Cattle Top Rail Fixer Bracket to attach timber or cattle rail the concrete posts.


  • Patented design to fit Australian Concrete Posts
  • Quick and easy to assemble, no special tools or equipment required!
  • Brackets are made with 3mm hot dipped galvanised steel
  • TOP bracket is designed to attach a metal or timber rail to the top of a concrete post.


Use this bracket with galvanised cattle rail (AC04) or a timber board as a TOP RAIL along your fence. Looks great on boundary or feature property entrances, and stockyard fence.


Choose the right bracket to fit your post size.

BK110.TOP 110mm Post Bracket Set (with Top Fixer) fits 110mm concrete fence posts – (FP21, FP22, FP23, FP24, FP25, FP26)
BK130.TOP 130mm Post Bracket Set (with Top Fixer) fits 130mm concrete fence posts – (FP01, FP03, FP04)
BK170.TOP 170mm Strainer Post Bracket Set (with Top Fixer) – (SP01, SP02, SP04)
BK000.TOP Single Top Rail Fixer Bracket makes a two-way bracket set for Post and Rail configuration

Refer to the ACP Codes Explained 

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