Cattle Rail Positioning Bracket – BK.CRP

Use the Cattle Rail Positioning Bracket is used to make corners or T-Junctions using cattle rail with concrete posts.


  • Brackets are made with a hot-dipped zinc/iron alloy-coated commercial forming steel.
  • 2 x 6mm and 1 x 13mm pre-drilled holes on the one side of the bracket to attach with a tech screws to cattle or timber rail.
  • No bolts or screws are supplied with these brackets. A standard tech screw from your local hardware store will suffice. It depends what you are screwing the brackets into as to what type of screw you use.


Use this bracket to make T-junctions or corners with cattle rail or timber rail for post and rail fences, or feature property entrances, feedlot and stockyard fence.


Choose the right bracket to fit your post size.

BK000.CRP Cattle Rail Positioning Bracket fits inside cattle rail to make a neat two-way junction or corner.

Refer to the ACP Codes Explained 

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