Bracket Sets for change of direction

Code: BK.CAB

The Connector Bracket Set is parts that attach to the side of a rectangular Post Bracket to change direction. Usually part of the BK000.RND or BK000.TRI set – but without the round or triangular end bracket.


  • Patented design to fit Australian Concrete Posts
  • Quick and easy to assemble, no special tools or equipment required!
  • Makes a strong and long lasting straining system
  • Brackets are made with 3mm hot dipped galvanised steel


Use this bracket with galvanised brackets to make the Box End Assembly or Post and Rail Fence.


Choose the right bracket to fit your post size.

BK110.RND 110mm Post Bracket Set (Round) – (FP21, FP22, FP23, FP24, FP25, FP26)
BK130.RND 130mm Post Bracket Set (Round) – (FP01, FP03, FP04)
BK170.RND 170mm Strainer Post Bracket Set (Round) – (SP01, SP02, SP04)
BK000.RND Single Support Bracket Set (Round) makes a 2 way bracket set for Post and Rail configuration
BK000.CAB Connector Angle Bracket Set w Hex & Cup Head nuts and Bolts

Refer to the ACP Codes Explained 

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