Steel Tension Cable – Strong and Rust Resistant

Code: AC10


  • The strong steel rust resistant cable
  • Pre-looped cable at one end to easily go around your strainer post
  • The other end has a long eye bolt attach to footplate.
  • Supplied with an M12 washer and nut
  • Use the Tube Socket (AC12) to easily tighten and tension the cable


For an Adjustable Stay Straining Assembly with footplate use the AC10 steel cable to connect the Steel Footplate (AC11) to the Concrete Strainer Post.

Use the longer AC02 as the diagonal stay pipe in the Adjustable Stay Assembly Steel system.. 

A change in direction or corner is very easy using the cable simply loop the cable around the strainer post and attach to the Steel footplate (AC11) at the other end. Much easier and quicker than using a threaded rod and concrete pad system!

Adjustable Strainer Assembly Steel Components include…

  1. SP00 Code Range for Concrete Strainer Post
  2. AC10 Tension Cable
  3. AC11 Steel Footplate
  4. BK170.RND for Strainer Bracket Set (Round)
  5. BK000.RND for Single Rail Support Bracket (for 2 way only)
  6. AC02 for 3250mm Galvanized Stay Rail
  7. AC12 – M12 Tube Socket (optional)

For Corner, direction change or Two Way add the following components:

  1. BK000.RND Single Support Bracket (Round)
  2. AC10 Tension Cable
  3. AC11 Steel Footplate
  4. AC02 Stay Rail

See the picture gallery to see the complete assembly and how it quickly and easily goes together!

AC10 Tension Cable
AC1 Steel Footplate
BK170.RND 170mm Strainer Post Bracket Set

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