M12 Threaded Rod for Adjustable Stay Assembly

Code: AC05


  • 3000mm M12 Threaded Rod is supplied with 1 washer and 2 nuts
  • Fits in pre-drilled holes of Straining post and Brace plate of Concrete Stay Pad


For an Adjustable Stay Straining Assembly use the AC04 to connect the Concrete Stay Pad (AC06) to the Concrete Strainer Post.

We recommend to use the longer AC02 (3250mm) pipe for the diagonal rail in the Adjustable Stay Assembly. 

For a change in direction or corner, use the Direction Change Bracket (BK170.DIR) to support the Threaded Rod on side of the straining post that doesn’t have holes.

AC05 3000mm M12 Threaded Rod
AC06 Concrete Stay Pad with Brace Plate
BK170.RND 170mm Strainer Post Bracket Set

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