Round Stay Rail and Cattle Rail

Code: AC01, AC02 & AC03


AC01 & AC02 – Round Stay Rail

  • AC01 – 2150mm Galvanised Pipe (50NB)
  • AC02 – 3250mm Galvanised Pipe (50NB)
  • Hot dipped galvanised coating
  • “Light” Tubular sections meet S/NZ 1163-C350
  • 50 Nominal Bore – 60 mm outside diameter (OD) with 2.6 mm Wall Thickness

AC03 – Cattle Rail

  • 6100mm long, 115x42mm 2.0 – 2.5mm wall thickness
  • Duraprimed, Galvanized Steel
  • ILG to AS/NZS 4792 ILG100


We recommend to use the longer AC02 (3250mm) pipe for the diagonal rail in the Adjustable Stay Assembly. When using the Stay pipe in the Box End Assembly the longer stay makes a stronger end, when you tension the diagonal wire the strength is maximised when using a longer stay.

For a standard Box End Assembly use the AC01 (2150mm) Stay Pipe

Use the rail to make feature entrances and post and rail fences. ACP’s patented bracket system makes building a fence with concrete fence posts strong, long-lasting and quick and easy to build.

AC01 2150mm Galvanised Rail (Round 50NB)
AC02 3250mm Galvanised Rail (Round 50NB)
AC03 6100mm Galvanised Cattle Rail