Time is money! So, when you spend a lot of time maintaining rotted and rusted fences, that’s cash straight out of your hip pocket! It usually amounts to a huge cost and inconvenience to property owners, often they can ill afford!

Australian Concrete Posts have the best solution to stop these ongoing out of pocket maintenance once and for all.

When you choose Australian Concrete Fence Posts for your fences, you can rest easy, knowing that you are protecting your long-term investment against extreme wet and dry weather patterns and harsh soil conditions. Concrete fence posts are the cheapest and most effective solution for these age-old problems!

Fencing used to be a thankless, long and laborious task for farmers like Steve and Wendy Herne, but these days it’s quick and easy and a job they should only have to do once in their lifetime!

Steve and Wendy run cattle on their 90-hectare property at Tucki in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. The property has been in their family since 1948, for over three generations.

“I’ve been fencing on my family property for over 40 years, and we are replacing posts that my Dad and I put in, some only 18 years ago!” Mr Herne said.

“The fence posts that my grandfather put in are still holding on, because they’re made from that good old timber that’s almost impossible to get nowadays. It’s the wooden and steel posts that I helped Dad put in in the past 26 years that are eaten by white ants, rotted or rusted and falling over now. These are the fence posts that we are rebuilding these past few years using prestressed concrete posts.”

“I remember fencing used to be labour intensive when we used timber posts – firstly finding and cutting the trees, digging the holes, lifting and handling posts. They were all inconsistent in size and we then had to drill the wire holes in every one of them! We also spent much of our time fixing broken tools and maintaining the equipment and machinery to make the posts!”

“The new materials and techniques used with Australian Concrete Posts have made fencing our farm much easier and it’s a cost effective long-term solution.”, he explained.

“There are cheaper options out there, but I’ve found Australian Concrete Posts lasts longer, the holes are all predrilled and they’re strong and driveable.”

“My wife gets on the tractor, I line them up, augur the holes, then just drive them in! We get it done in half the time Dad and I did it all those years ago, but this time I know this fence will be here long after my wife and I have gone!”

Steve shared, “Even our sceptical neighbour is now pulling up in his ute at the gate, having a good ol’ yarn and asking me all the hard questions about the new fences!”

All jokes aside, Mr and Mrs Herne, like many other property owners, must have the right fence to stand up to the conditions. With a concrete fence post your fence will become a farm asset!

The prestressed concrete fence post made by Australian Concrete Posts [ACP] is designed for tough conditions, the holes are predrilled, and posts are driveable with a standard post driver.

Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd are Australia’s largest manufacturer of prestressed concrete fence posts. Their posts have a lifetime guarantee against rot, termites and fire, and are cheaper overall than traditional timber or steel picket fence posts due to their long-life span.

For your new or replacement fences, consider the affordable sustainable and rot-proof long-term solution.

Fence it once, fence it right, never fence it again with Australian Concrete Posts!

Figure 1. Wendy & Steve Herne driving in the concrete fence posts on their Tucki property.

Figure 2. Prestressed concrete fence posts will never rot or be eaten by termites like these timber and steel posts.