The emotional and financial impact of intense fires on property owners, families, communities can be devastating. Predicted high temperature and dry conditions for the upcoming summer months has a lot of people on the land and property owners on high alert for a potentially devastating bush fire season.

In early 2017 the devastating remnants of bush fires could be seen when travelling along the Hume Highway near Gundagai NSW. Trees and properties scorched to the ground. The only thing left standing along roads were the burnt-out stumps of trees and a line of concrete fence posts.

Radiated heat or direct flame contact cause combustible timber fences to ignite during bush fires. Prestressed Concrete Fence Posts will not ignite or burn. They’re designed to withstand intense conditions, including high temperature grass and bush fires. The prestressed concrete posts could perhaps be the only thing left standing on a property after an intense fire!

Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd [ACP] manufacture prestressed concrete fence posts that are designed and made for harsh conditions. They’re strong and long lasting, they do not rot, termites can’t eat them and they don’t burn!  They are affordable and save property owners valuable time and money – all holes are predrilled and they’re little to low maintenance! They also outlast any other timber or steel post on the market!

[ACP] stand by their guarantees and quality of their posts. To demonstrate the resistance of [ACP] fence post to burning, an intense bush and grass fire was simulated at the [ACP] factory in Northern NSW and the process monitored and measured. A stack of flammable material burned intensely for over 2 hours reaching temperatures of over 509 degrees Celsius. When the stack had burned through and only charcoal posts remained intact while the timber post had burnt to the ground.

The results demonstrated that an [ACP] concrete fence post will outlast a timber post by withstanding long periods of burning, high temperatures and intense fire.

These remarkable non-combustible and burn resistant posts are recommended by Rural Bush Fire Services, they’re specified and used by NSW Roads and Maritime, National Parks and Department of State Forestry for new or replacement fences.

Australian Concrete Posts [ACP] are an owner operated company manufacturing posts in Northern New South Wales for delivery throughout Queensland and New South Wales. For your new or replacement fences, consider the affordable sustainable and long-term solution of a once in a lifetime fence post – a prestressed Concrete fence posts made by Australian Concrete Posts!

Once, Fence it Right, Never Fence it again with Australian Concrete Posts!

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