Old folk say, “Good fences make good neighbours”, and never has a good neighbour and a good fence been of more relevance than these challenging times we face.

We are in this together, we live in times when community and good old-fashioned values of quality, integrity and reliability are worth more than the promise of a good deal!

Australian Concrete Posts (ACP) are a company you can trust. Their products are manufactured to strict consistent quality and durability they only use certified concrete and steel. Their products are tried and tested all over Australia.

Quality assured and certified – now, and for future generations!

Richard and Alan, ACP Directors, say, “ACP make products that will last for generations, that’s just the way we do business – from our family to yours, now and for the future. No fast flash cash schemes, and no fancy gimmicks or sales pitches. We do business with integrity. Good customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities”

The questions is; Do you want to do business with people who will be here to honour their guarantee?

The best testament to business’s success is the feedback. Richard from ACP says, “We know we must be doing something right is when our customers come back as raving fans and they want more posts! Plus, they often tell or bring along their neighbours as well!”
A proud Australian company all the way – ACP products are made from locally sourced materials and businesses, made by Australian workers for Australian farmers. They offer a lifetime guarantee of their posts.

Lifetime Guaranteed

Lifetime guaranteed – Australian Concrete Posts will not burn. They will not rot in damp or acid sulphate soils. They will not rust and they will never be eaten by termites. ACP can offer this guarantee, because they trust and know the quality of their products.
ACP supply rural stores, fencing contractors and farmers with their quality assured easy long-lasting posts and patented fencing systems.
Call their friendly team or explore the website for more. You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing you chose the people and products you can trust.

Fence it once, fence it right with Australian Concrete Posts!