Did you know that the NSW Government is providing grants of up to $50,000 to farmers affected by the November and December 2021 floods?

The guidelines state that the money can be used to:

  • Repair or replace fencing and/or other essential property infrastructure.
  • Replace lost or damaged plants, salvage crops, repair or restore fields.

Have the recent floods damaged your fences?

See how Australian Concrete Fence Posts have withstood other flood events.


During the floods in NSW in April 2017, ACP Concrete Fence Posts were used to build a fence in a valley that often copped a fast flow in high level rain events. These pictures demonstrate how the posts withstood the fast running water as it both rose and receded.

The fence shown in these images was constructed with our (FP03) 130mm/7ft Posts and (SP02) 8ft Strainer Post with a straining assemblies built using ACP Box End Assembly Brackets and Stay system.



A trial in flood fence design was built at Bos Rural in Kandanga QLD using concrete posts and a top pivoting star picket bracket especially designed for using exclusion fencing mesh across flood plains. The mesh lifts as the water and debris wash through and drops back down at the conclusion of the event maintaining a stock-proof barrier. Same system (in theory) could be used with barb or other fence but the benefit of the 2.5mm exclusion mesh we use is (a) line posts can be more spread out (6-10m) so less chance of large debris washing into the line posts and (b) more wire (especially more vertical wires) meaning less chance of snagging.

Use good quality wire – heavy gal 15/150/15+30cm footer on this one but plenty of options (not 2mm crap wire- this is proper exclusion fence wire). Flood hasn’t hit to prove the concept works – but we think the idea is great (unless someone else has a better idea?)

All the assembly components to be set up on a flood or creek crossing between strainer posts are listed on our Easy Fence Guide.

We recommend the strong Box End Assembly at each side of the crossing.

Click here to go to the Box End Assembly Page.

You’ll find all the component codes and assembly instructions on the download below as well.

Need help filling in the Govt forms?

Primary producers – free confidential assistance is available from your local Rural Financial Counselling Service.

You can also give the RAA permission to work with your own private financial advisor or accountant to assist you, however you will be liable for any professional fees charged. Contact the Rural Assistance Authority team on 1800 678 593.