Australian Concrete Posts are designed and manufactured to meet the existing NSW Roads and Maritime specifications and our factory was built to manufacture fence posts to meet those specifications. 

The “lifetime” expectancy we have on our posts is estimated to be 80 to 100 years. We tell our clients to expect a “lifetime” out of our posts – we give our posts a “Lifetime Guarantee that they will not rot, they will not burn, and they will not be eaten by termites.” 

We can confidently claim this as we know that by the methods and materials we use to manufacture our posts, this will be true. 

The other example we use to explain our guarantee is from an example of existing prestressed concrete posts that were manufactured 60 years ago by Monier for RMS projects in VIC and NSW. 

[ACP] have a concrete posts that was pulled out of the ground near Harwood in Northern NSW alongside the NSW Pacific Highway. To confirm the length of time it’s been in the ground, a few years ago we met a gentleman who was a fencing contractor, who told us he installed those Monier posts 60 years ago in Harwood NSW. 

Harwood is only about 2km from the coast, and alongside the Clarence River and the posts stand in acid sulphate soils in very damp conditions on the edges of sugar cane fields. The tops of the post is exposed to the weather and sea spray, and the bottoms have been in the acid sulphate soils in wet condition for over 60 years. 

There are many other examples of this same old post still in place between Goulburn and Canberra 50km, and all up and down the Pacific Highway as well. 

On the top of the post, the exposed high tensile wire strands shows that it has surface rust, however, the post has not developed concrete rot or split because of the method and materials it was made with. The bottoms of the old posts are also showing minimal degradation from the acid sulphate soils etching into the base of the concrete mix and surface rust on the exposed strands, HOWEVER it also demonstrates that even under these harsh conditions that when you consider the scenario, and what the post is like now after that much time, that it would easily last another lifetime in the ground. 

That claim CANNOT be made by any other fence post that would be made from steel, timber or plastic, or indeed a standard poured “into a mould” concrete post. The pre-stressed process and the combination of how it is made is what gives it the strength and longevity un-der these harsh environmental conditions. 

Overleaf are some images that demonstrate these claims. This old prestressed post has withstood the test of time in a challenging conditions and would easily stand another 60 years, the integrity of the post and the way it is made and installed shows that an equivalent or better technology, would indeed match that scenario. 

Australian Concrete Posts use improved methods; we are still using the same steel reinforcing IR strand wire that was originally developed by BHP, in these old posts. However, the technology of concrete mixes has improved since these old posts were manufactured. ACP use the RMS certified concrete mix recipe and apply the strict quality control dur-ing manufacturing. The posts that are on RMS projects now also have epoxy resin pained on the ends of the posts, which these old posts did not have. We are confident that the ACP Concrete posts will match and exceed the integrity and longevity of this older post. 

Concrete Posts do not burn: 

[ACP] did our own experiment to support this claim that the concrete posts do not burn and will not ignite. This claim has since been testing in real life when a client called to tell us when the fire storm came through his property at Canungra that the only thing left standing was the concrete fence posts. 

[ACP] can send video footage if required to show the experiment. Some images attached to show the end results. 

[ACP] are proud of our product and stand by the quality of our workmanship. 

We would also welcome the opportunity to discuss further the differences in quality between our posts and the other manufacturers and methods to install the posts with you in the future, please feel free to contact [ACP]. 

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Phone: 02 6682 8614

Fence it Once, Fence it Right! 

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