The cost of fencing is not measured by your wallet up front, but by its security, sturdiness and longevity.
Over time, good quality fencing requires less repair and maintenance. A product that has limited damage from fire, wind, rotting or rusting.
Remember your fencing in Australia takes a beating, 24/7, 365 days a year.
When choosing a fencing design, you should be considering it as a farm asset. Something that will be there for the next generation.
That is what Alan and Richard both thought when they needed to fence their own properties. As a result, they researched what was the best product available in the world and discovered it was right here in Australia for the past 60 years! A prestressed concrete fence post.
A product that did not rust, burn or rot off at ground level. A concrete post that could be rammed into the earth using your existing farm machinery. As a result, they just used the existing technology and made it better.
They formed a company called Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd
Australian Concrete Posts are all Australian made, quality assured, strength tested and engineer certified with a lifetime guarantee of 80 – 100 years – termite, rot and fire proof.

ACP have only the highest quality fence posts, as well as the patented bracket system for easy and strong end assemblies. So, when you buy from ACP, your cost of fencing is well worth the price. They are experts in manufacturing prestressed posts, the system is simple to use and designed to last, so you know you’re buying the best.
One of our many fencing contractors, Robert Pike says “you only want to fence it once and fence it right in your lifetime and not go back as it only costs you money if you do”.
For more information about the Australian Concrete Posts and fencing system click this link or contact us at 02 6682 8614 or email us your query.