Burnt Concrete Fence Posts

This unprecedented bushfire season in Australia has devastated thousands of kilometres of fences on farms and in residential settings. But investing in fi re-resistant farm fences will keep properties secure if there is a fire and save a lot of time and money on future repairs.

Damaged posts leave properties and livestock unsecured and require immediate, expensive and time-consuming repairs. Each burnt fence post will likely need to be removed and replaced before the property and livestock can be secured.

Here’s where property owners need to consider their long-term options before they replace their destroyed fences with timber posts that will burn, or steel posts that will rust over the coming years.They need to ask themselves: Why replace a burnt out or rusted fence post when there is a lifetime guaranteed fence post that won’t burn, rot or be eaten by termites?

Concrete posts will also not ignite, or spark in a fire.Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd says fence it once, fence it right, never fence it again.

The company says its posts are designed for our harsh conditions and they will outlast timber, steel or plastic fence posts. All its posts are quality assured, strength tested and engineer certified with a lifetime guarantee of up to 80 years.

ACP is the largest manufacturer of prestressed concrete fence posts in Australia, supplying posts throughout Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia direct to farmers, landowners, rural stores and fencing contractors.

Investing in prestressed concrete fence posts and fire-resistant strainer assemblies gives your fence a better chance of remaining secure in bushfire events and reduces the time and cost of repairs.

While the initial material costs may be slightly higher than timber, installing your new fence and strainer assemblies can be much faster and easier than traditional timber end assemblies and stays.

ACP’s innovative patented bracket system for strainer assemblies is easy and fast to install, end assemblies will not require any welding, no holes need to be drilled and won’t require any special machinery and can be installed in many different positions to suit the terrain. Holes are predrilled with uniform spacing and sizes to save you time during installation. ACP posts are driveable, they’re made with prestressed high tensile cable and a very strong concrete recipe to prevent your wires rusting and for lifetime durability.

Concrete fence posts are environmentally friendly too. No trees or native habitat are destroyed to make concrete fence posts, no harsh chemicals will leach into the ground or waterways. They are used in many applications, suitable for all farm and residential properties, boundary, internal and exclusion fences.

Pictured: Fire damaged fences from catastrophic blazes in summer 2019, New Italy North Eastern NSW.