When you put the list of things that are important to property owners and farmers when they are choosing to invest in fencing products its important to compare them side by side. We did the exercise for you. In May 2023 we gathered the best prices for fence posts from our local retailers and compiled the list.

See for yourself the results on the comparison chart below. The results speak for themselves.

Concrete Fence Posts will last longer, never need replacing, never rust, rot or burn and never be eaten by termites! They are the clear winner as the best investment for fence posts.

There may be some variations in cost and life in your posts of choice but the longevity and low maintenance factor of prestressed concrete will always win over timber or steel.

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Concrete posts are an excellent choice for fencing because they have many advantages compared to timber splits and steel pickets. Let’s break it down in simpler terms.

Firstly, concrete posts are incredibly durable. While timber splits only last about 12 years and steel pickets around 15 years, concrete posts can last a whopping 80 years! This means you won’t have to replace them as often, unlike timber splits that need to be replaced 6-7 times or steel pickets that need to be replaced 5.5 times in 80 years.

Concrete posts are also low maintenance. Timber splits require regular treatments like painting and sealing to prevent damage from bugs, rot, and decay. But concrete posts are resistant to all that! They don’t get attacked by termites, rot, or even fire. Steel pickets require less maintenance than timber, but they can still rust if not properly protected. On the other hand, concrete posts are rust-proof, which means they’ll last a long time without any problems.

Another advantage is the cost. Yes, concrete posts may have a higher upfront price compared to timber splits and steel pickets, but when you consider the long term, they’re actually cheaper. Over their lifetime, concrete posts cost only $0.30 per year, while timber splits cost around $1.71 per year and steel pickets range from $0.91 to $1.25 per year. So, you’ll save money in the long run with concrete posts because they need fewer replacements and maintenance.

Concrete posts are also easier to install. They come with predrilled holes, which makes putting up the fence much simpler. You don’t have to spend extra time and effort drilling the holes yourself. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that concrete posts are made right here in Australia, supporting our local industries and reducing our reliance on imported products.

To sum it up, concrete posts are the best choice for fencing. They’re super strong, require less maintenance, last a long time, and are cost-effective. With their durability, low maintenance needs, and rust resistance, they’re better than timber splits and steel pickets. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and long-lasting fence, go for concrete posts.