A Box End Straining System is the simplest and most cost effective way to do a strainer with concrete fence posts.


A Box End Straining Assembly is the most common and cost effective method of straining a fence line when using concrete fence posts. Use our patented bracket system to quickly and easily build for an end, corner, 3-way or inline straining system.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fully adjustable and reusable stay system
  • Effective in unstable and uneven terrain
  • Resistant to fire and termites
  • Designed for strength, reliability and ease of use
  • No special tools or expensive equipment required to install.
  • Best option for end brace for fence and trellis too!

Assembly Bracket and Stay Kits

To keep things simple we have created Assembly Kits – just choose if you Strainer assembly is a one Way end brace, a two way Inline or corner, and if you need a three way junction.

Assembly Components

These are the brackets and components that make up the Box End Assembly.

It’s often easier to order in an “Strainer Assembly Kit” (SA Kit), however, if you need extras or another configuration these are the parts that make up the Box End Assembly.

NOTE: Our ACP “SA Kits” do not include the concrete posts or strainers. Posts should be bought separately)

SP00 ACP Strainer Post
(not in SA Kit – posts bought separately)
FP00 ACP Fence Post
(not in SA Kit – posts bought separately)
AC01 or AC02 2.15m or 3.25m Galvanized Stay Rail
BK130.RND or BK110.RND Fence Post Bracket Set (110mm or 130mm wide)
BK170.RND 170mm Strainer Post Bracket Set


Parts you need to build a Box End Assembly…

  1. Choose your Concrete Strainer Post (Choose from SP code Range)
  2. Choose your Concrete Fence Post (intermediate)  (Choose from FP code range)
  3. Select which length Galvanized Stay Pipe (AC01 or AC02)
  4. Strainer Bracket Set (BK170.RND)
  5. Fence Post Bracket Set (BK130.RND or BK110.RND)

For a two-way inline, a corner with change in direction, add these components…

  1. Another Concrete Fence Post (Choose from FP Code Range)
  2. Another Galvanized Stay Pipe or Rail (AC02 or AC01)
  3. Single Rail Support Bracket (BK000.RND)

To swing a gate at 90 degrees from the Strainer post use a Gate Kit (AC04) to easily attach the Strainer post.


Strainer Bracket Set (Round)

BK130.RND or BK110.RND
Concrete Fence Post Bracket Set (Round)
Either 130mm  or 110mm Wide 

AC01 or AC02
Stay Pipe (Either 2.15m or 3.25m long)


Single Support Bracket Set (Round) for making a 2 or 3 way or corner


To keep things simple and easy for your to order Strainer Assemblies we have created the Assembly Kits. (See above). However, if you would like to work out the components for yourself you can download and use this very easy excel spreadsheet to calculate your brackets and components needed for your fence design.

If its all too hard – please call us and we can help you.



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