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A Sound Partnership Manufacturing Quality Products

Australian Concrete Posts is one of the largest manufacturer of prestressed concrete fence posts in Australia. Established in 2013, This steadfastly growing business, is a sound partnership between two experienced businessmen, farmers, and rugby mates, Richard Mould and Alan Theron. The purpose built factory has been manufacturing concrete posts for over 9 years.

Both partners have been and continue to be actively involved in all aspects of the business, from creation, design, marketing, production to distribution, as they both pride themselves in taking great care in their products and work. “We believe that our hands on approach is the key to customer satisfaction and the continued success and growth of our business.”

Obviously, as the business has grown their roles vary, however, they both continue to actively help out by jumping onto a forklift, fixing the machinery as need dictates and are invaluable in their experience, advice to both the business and our valued customers.

Posts to Suit Traditional and Contemporary Applications

The product range provides enormous variety and options to suit all tastes, applications and budgets; the choice is extensive. ACP are renowned for producing and supplying consistent quality prestressed concrete fence posts that suit both the traditional and the contemporary rural agricultural fences, as well as civil projects, like rail and roads.

Their aim is to provide long lasting concrete fence posts and fence systems of the highest quality at fair prices. All ACP products are manufactured to the highest quality and meet relevant standards, which is why they choose to source materials from quality assured suppliers.


Long Term Solutions and Value

Australian Concrete Posts don’t just develop and manufacture superior concrete fencing products, we provide solutions.

Australian Concrete Posts is the brand that can be trusted to not let you down. We are building our reputation by developing innovative products to meet the needs of rural farming  and fencing for property owners. Quality raw materials and a proven manufacturing process are the reasons why a Australian Concrete Posts [ACP] fence is a great investment.

Meet the friendly team at our head office and factory

Our value is measured not in terms of price, but the benefits of long-lasting performance, ease of handling and savings on labour and maintenance costs.

Alan Theron

Director and Owner, Australian Concrete Posts

I feel respected and valued for what I am able to bring to Australian Concrete Posts. I am afforded the flexibility and responsibility to meet our customers needs. The core values ad principles that ACP reflects are pivotal in making the company an incredible place to work. We have a great team atmosphere from top to bottom which enables the team to work towards a common goal to provide the very best customer service that we can offer to others, The trust, credibility and loyalty that comes from happy customers build repeat sales and ignites positive recommendations about our great products.

Craig Baker

Sales and Logistics Manager, Australian Concrete Posts

I just love the ACP customers, I’ve worked in many businesses and industries and the rural sector is by far the best! The people on the land are so easy to deal with, they’re friendly, hard working, practical and down-to-earth!  The best part of my job is hearing their stories of how our long lasting fence posts have made their lives easier and saved them time and money! Its very rewarding to be part of such a unique and innovative family business.

Suzi Mould

Marketing and Communications, Australian Concrete Posts

“She Who Knows Alot” – if any of us don’t know what you need – ask Sheryle!

Sheryle Hounsell

Accounts and Administration, Australian Concrete Posts

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For over 21 years, my building company built homes for local families and investors in Northern NSW. I understand the importance of supplying excellent quality products at the highest standard to customers. If it’s not good enough for my own high standards, there is no way I will supply it to someone else.

Richard Mould

Director and Owner, Australian Concrete Posts

Hi to all our valued Customers, Suppliers, Resellers and Carriers. How time flies! I have now been roped into our family business, Australian Concrete Posts, since late 2020 and have thoroughly enjoyed chatting to you and helping with your fencing needs. Thanks to all our suppliers and freight carriers for amazing work. I look forward to continuing and strengthening our business relationships with you all as we continue to grow.

Suzanne Mould

Sales & Logistics, Australian Concrete Posts

My commitment to exceptional service and a collaborative work environment at [ACP] is unwavering. I prioritize strong customer relationships, meticulous attention to detail in administration, and fostering a cohesive team dynamic. Eager to contribute to our dynamic team, I aim to drive positive change and contribute to overall business success.

Kay Theron

Sales & Logistics & Admin Support, Australian Concrete Posts

ACP has been lucky enough to have Mick on our team for many years now. He came to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience working with concrete posts. There is not much he doesn’t now about our business and he is responsible for the yard and loading the trucks and packing your orders.
We’re very lucky to have Mick on the ACP team, and we are grateful to his dedication and hard work.

Mick Hardy

Yard Boss, Australian Concrete Posts

Rion’s blurb here

Rion Venter

Maintenance and Manufacturing Supervisor, Australian Concrete Posts

Who are ACP and how we began making concrete fence posts.

Richard Mould and Alan Theron are Directors of Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd, [ACP] and come with a wealth of experience in both farming and construction industries.

Richard Mould first came into contact making concrete fence posts with his father, Michael Mould. In 1978, Michael immigrated with his young family to Australia, and settled in regional northern NSW, where the family have lived ever since. All their worldly goods were contained in a few shipping containers. Included in one of the containers were several precast concrete moulds for concrete posts and fence panels.

In South Africa, Michael had farmed cattle, and like many farmers there, had made his own fence posts from concrete due to the limited supply of hardwood timber.

When Michael bought a farm in Alstonville NSW, it was fenced with old fashioned hardwood timber posts. In one section of the farm the posts had rotted because of the hard rock shelf and moist soil conditions.

Michael used his experience from SA and substituted the timber posts with long lasting concrete posts and today, 37 yrs later, they can still be seen standing in their original position.

37 years later the concrete fence posts are still in good condition and have never had to be replaced.

When Michael bought a farm in Alstonville NSW, it was fenced with old fashioned hardwood timber posts. In one section of the farm the posts had rotted because of the hard rock shelf and moist soil conditions. Michael used his experience from SA and substituted the timber posts with long lasting concrete posts and today, 37 yrs later, they can still be seen standing in their original position.

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Richard Mould and Alan Theron have their own farms around Alstonville in regional Northern NSW. Both properties needed new fencing.

When Alan and Richard looked at the price of timber posts and the lack of guarantee for products from timber post suppliers, they began to question; “What was the smart alternative to a hardwood timber fence post?”

Metal posts just didn’t cut it. Acid sulphate soils will rapidly rust posts at ground level, and eventually require replacing when deteriorated.

Some concrete posts cracked and split when they were hit during installation. They only had a single reinforcing bar which did not allow for driving the posts.

Many of the posts they tried were far from the quality that they expected. After some research, Alan and Richard decided to manufacture the concrete posts for themselves. It was the only way they could get the quality assurance, strength, durability and cost effectiveness that they wanted. Surely many other farmers required the same thing? After hours of research, design and testing, ACP was born and a new, smart way of fencing is here.

Australian Concrete Posts have grown from strength to strength from it’s humble beginnings and look forward to a bright future. The company is now the biggest manufacture of prestressed concrete fence posts in Australia and strives to improve their products and service. They liaise closely with fencing contractors and property owners to deliver quality products that live up to the promises of a long life fence post. They continuously review and refine their manufacturing and business systems to ensure that their posts can be delivered efficiently. There is continuous effort to maintain and improve the high quality of innovation, service and products that has built the business to what it is today.


Quality Assured and Strength Tested

Australian Concrete Posts are proud to say they use major concrete suppliers to ensure that the mix is tested and recorded regularly by an independent testing laboratory. This ensures that there is accountability for all of the concrete components used, right from the excavation stage through to batch manufacturing and delivery.

Concrete is produced using the highest quality local materials enabling strengths up to 40 MPA for use in all our products – that’s 3 times stronger than normal concrete!

High compression strength concrete (40 mPa) and precise pre-tensioning of the reinforcing wire system ensures that the posts have enough strength to resist all test loads applied.

For some manufacturers the quality of the concrete is often inconsistent and certainly not verified, when it’s produced onsite by their own batch plant. This leaves production prone to errors depending on who’s mixing the batch of concrete on the day!

Further, some concrete fence suppliers and manufacturers have no independent controls in place to assure that inconsistencies are not overlooked during production. Click here to take a look for yourself what the inside of our post looks like compared to other manufacturers.

Another good reason to choose ACP as your concrete fence post supplier, as every batch is recorded regularly by an independent testing laboratory.

This level of quality assurance and accountability is required to meet NSW Roads and Maritime Specifications and Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd comply with these stringent guidelines. All concrete products from ACP are compliant with this high standard.


One of the most rewarding parts of our business is to receive he feedback from our clients who have chosen to use our posts on their properties… here’s just a few of them. Send us your feedback – we love to see what the finished fence looks like and to hear how the system worked for you.

Email your feedback to: sales@concreteposts.com.au

“Very happy with the fence and the way it went up.  I have even made a large opening cockies gate using a long lever made from a pipe rail to get the tension and some of the brackets i have adapted.  Just like a real life meccano set.  I like that the brackets are adaptable for other purposes.”

David Trevor-Jones


“You have a great product!”
David Wilson

WAUKIVORY NSW 2422, Wilson Mining Services Pty Ltd

“I’m sending you just a few photos of our completed fence using your concrete posts. So many people have inquired about them since. I have introduced them to our friends at our local rural store too. We have been so happy with them.”

Belinda Croton


“We have just started using your posts as our wooden posts need replacing and are very happy with your posts. they are lighter then wooden posts and save alot of time as they are already have holes in them needless to say they make fencing a lot easier and we wont be replacing these in 25 years to 20 years like the wooden posts.”

Jody Jason Saxby


“I spoke to a lovely young lady a couple of weeks ago about getting some concrete fence posts.
My objective was to shore up my old paling fence and make it last a couple more years.
After a discussion, the young lady put me onto the crew up at Central Mangrove on the central coast.
I picked up some concrete posts on Saturday and sunk my first two that afternoon to see how they went.

The old fence was still quite functional, but the posts had rotted from ground level down (its quite wet at times in this area)
My fence was flopping around and was at all sorts of angles and was in danger of just falling over.
Climbing vines didn’t help much either, with one part of the fence (that pictured) actually lying against the house.

Not anymore!
I cannot praise these things enough.
Once sunk and concreted in place (allowing 24 hours to go off) they are as solid as a rock, which I suppose they are, in fact.
The fence looks 100% better and I only have 2 installed of the 6 I plan to sink.

This is probably not the intended use for these posts, but it works a treat.
I don’t have to pull down the fence to fix it and its better than new for strength.
I just sunk the post next to the old wooden support post (the bottom had rotted away, so I could make the hole big enough to concrete all around the post for strength.
When the concrete went off, I simply bolted the post to the old wooden post.

Soooo easy!
Thanks for your help.
Happy customer!”

Glen Manning

Tomago NSW 2322

“We finished building our new fence in March, but hard pressed to find a bright enough day for photos since then! Anyway, we’re very happy with the final result & there has been plenty of local interest which I am more than willing to tell anyone about. It is a very strong fence now. I’ve attached some photos for you. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you and hope to do so again in the future.
All the best & thanks again.”
James Pengilley

Koonorigan NSW 2480

” Thanks once again for holding our order for so long, and thanks for being such a great company. I didn’t ask, but if you have a corflute sign to put on our front fence, happy to put up. We’ll be back for more when needed 🙂 ”
Tim Marsh



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