Richard Mould Speaks….

These are interesting times for Australia.

It is a time to support Australian Business. Australian Concrete Posts is an Australian manufacturing company with over 18 employees.

We manufacture a range of Concrete Fence Posts and Strainers used in building Australia’s infrastructure, from farm fencing, to roads, rail and viticulture projects.

Supporting Australian Concrete Posts means supporting Australia and our communities.

Our manufacturing plant is in regional Australia and a large part of our team call regional Australia home.

We have in excess of one hundred local Australian suppliers who call our company their customer.

They range from Freight companies, maintenance contractors, cleaners, printers and training providers. Some of our suppliers are large, and some are small. But all our suppliers, are Australian suppliers.

We are an Australian company making products in Australia, for Australia.

Over the past seven years, Australian Concrete Posts is recognised as a manufacturer of efficient solutions and innovation in new fencing products.

We have more than three thousand farmers all over Australia who we have supplied concrete fence and strainer posts to.

At Australian Concrete Posts, trust and integrity guide all our decision making and defines how we engage with our customers and with our suppliers.

It also guides our innovation and our product development. All performed here, in our factory in regional Australia.

In these interesting times, Australian Concrete Posts continues to manufacture a range of concrete fence and strainer products to meet the needs of our customers. From large road and rail infrastructure projects, to the local farmers.

We help fence properties that have cattle, horses, pigs, goats and any type of livestock.

We have help with the Pacific Highway upgrade with our posts being used by the Department of Main Roads to construct fences for emus, koalas, kangaroos and other native animals. We have even designed a fence to prevent endangered frogs from getting run over on the M1.

We have supplied posts for trellising for a wide range of horticultural uses, ranging from custard apple, avocado, macadamia nut orchards, vineyards and even large commercial dragonfruit farms.

We believe now is the time to rally behind our communities, and behind Australian business.

We need to look out for each other and promote Australian business. Australian Concrete Posts is here for you.

Alan Theron Speaks….

I just wanted to take this opportunity to reassure all our loyal customers that Australian Concrete Posts is very much open for business. For all our customers and suppliers, we are open across all our operations as an Australian manufacture of concrete fence posts products.

Our factory is in full production and office is open for business, our salespeople are all ready to take your calls.

Our logistics team are available for deliveries and can arrange delivery to your location.

Our finance department is open for business to assist with any account inquiries.

Clearly, we also hope you, your family, friends, and loved ones stay safe these difficult times.

Australian Concrete Posts has been around for the past seven years and will be here well into the future.

We wish you well, take care and stay safe.

Thank you.